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Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Aluminum Frame Wire Mesh Fan Filter
Feature: Anodized Aluminum frame
Wire mesh filtering out dirt from entering the PC case
Anodized Aluminum that lasts

Good air flow and easy for cleaning

Data Sheet

Part number Color A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)
ALFF-40S Silver 42 32 R7.5
ALFF-40BK Black 42 32 R7.5
ALFF-60S Silver 60 50 R7.5
ALFF-60BK Black 60 50 R7.5
ALFF-80S Silver 83.8 71.3 R10
ALFF-80BK Black 83.8 71.3 R10
ALFF-92S Silver 92 82.5 R12.5
ALFF-92BK Black 92 82.5 R12.5
ALFF-120S Silver 118.8 104.7 R25
ALFF-120BK Black 118.8 104.7 R25
ALFF-140S Silver 140 125 R25
ALFF-140BK Black 140 125 R25

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