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Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Hard Drive Power Switch

Hard Drive Power Switch

Hardware solution to select boot drive when power on

Mitron Duplus DUP-35 is a hardware solution that allows a user to switch between two bootable drives with ease.  With the Duplus DUP-35, a user can use multiple drives to achieve a multi-O/S system or multi-user with the added safety of isolating the O/S from each other.  Sophisticated user can make their PC a true multi-boot system by having one bootable drive installed with Windows O/S while another drive installed with another O/S, Linux for example.  Duplus DUP-35 also allows two users sharing a same PC to boot from their own hard drive completely isolates from each other so if a drive is infected with virus, another drive will still boot. 
Benefits & Features
Separate two bootable drives isolating HDD from each other prevents virus infection from one HDD to another
Easy installation and straight forward operation
Three modes operation with LEDs indication – boot from A, boot from B, user selectable boot A+B
The A+B mode allows two HDD to be power on making file sharing possible between two HDD
MCU controlled preventing a user to accidentally shut down the hard drive in use while the system is power on.  To select another bootable HDD, the system needs to be powered off for the change to take effect.
Convert 4 pin Molex 12V & 5V input from PSU to 12V, 5V & 3.3V output for SATA HDDs




O/S 1

O/S 2

Same PC with two different O/S that is completely isolated from another so a virus won’t spread from an O/S to another.

O/S 1

O/S 1

One hard drive for work and another for gaming/entertainment; both hard drives have the same O/S

O/S 1 for user 1

O/S 1 for user 2

Each user owns a hard drive that uses the same O/S.  One user got virus infection won’t spread to another user.

O/S 1 for user 1

O/S 2 for user 2

Each user owns a hard drive that uses different O/S.  One user got virus infection won’t spread to another user.

O/S 1

O/S 1 clone copy

Backup copy that can be booted when the main drive went wrong

Installation Instruction

Product Review


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